Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Matt & Lindsay Wedding Cake

(The pics look like I made the sugar flowers blue instead of purple but you get the idea :))

Hello Y'all. Yes, I'm still alive. :)

My fave brother-in-law Matt got married July 2nd in the Boise Temple. My sweet new sister-in-law Lindsay asked if I would make the wedding cake. After some anxious hesitation, (this was after all my first wedding cake and I've only taken two decorating classes) I agreed.

It turned out to be an awesome experience. I learned a TON on this maiden voyage and realized that, thankfully, my severe lack of artistic talent isn't so much a necessity in this hobby as is the knowledge of the science behind it. (And boy did I have to do my research as I needed to transport the cake from Kaysville to Boise w/out room/time for error )

My sweet hubby put up with a lot of anxiety and tears from his perfectionist wife during this process and I'm so grateful that he still wanted to claim me after all was said and done. He even gave me a hug and kiss after the reception and told me how proud he was. He also said I'd better start a portfolio because it looks like I need to start a business. Hehe, we'll see (I've got to focus on my seemingly always pregnant tummy and the little blessings therein and then we can think of selfish ventures :) )

Happy Eternity Matt and Lindsay! Thanks for letting me be a small part of such a special day! :)

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  1. Pix, THAT CAKE IS AMAZING!!! Way to go! You are so darn talented!